USPS® Announces July 10th 2022 Rate Change

USPS® Announces July 10th 2022 Rate Change

Effective date of Sunday, July 10th 2022

Summarized Price Changes
First-Class Mail Current Prices New Prices
First-Class Mail Single-Piece Letters (1 oz.) $0.58 $0.60
First-Class Mail Single-Piece Letters additional ounce $0.20 $0.24
First-Class Mail Letters (metered 1 oz.) $0.53 $0.57
First-Class Mail Domestic Postcards $0.40 $0.44
First-Class Mail Single-Piece Flats (1 oz.) $1.00 $1.16
International Current Prices New Prices
Outbound International Letters (1 oz.) $1.30 $1.40

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What is CBP? In the notice, USPS® states, “The Commercial Base price category offers lower prices to customers using authorized postage payment methods.” With regards to the January rate change for Priority Mail®, “The Commercial Base prices will increase 6.2 percent on average. Commercial Base prices will, on average, reflect a 9.4 percent discount off of Retail prices.”